Road Dogs was born from our love of "sausage" and always finding poor quality hot dogs anywhere we went.

After a lot of sausage sampling we finally came across a small independent butchery in london who now make all of our pork franks by hand.

We started back in 2017! making our mark on the Street Food scene in

"The Big Rig" 

a transformed removal truck.  



Don't Push This Button if you're hungry!

We pride ourselves on the fact we are a fully sustainable food trader, promising to never sacrifice the quality of our food! we do this by:


Using bio-degradable packaging 

Using only British pork from our local butchers for our 12 hour low & slow pulled pork. 

Our frankfurters are handmade, using only British pork from an Independent Butchers- The frankfurters are made up of 97% pork with the remaining 3% being the casing and spices…. So no nastys!!

Our toppings are made using the highest quality, freshest ingredients to get those taste buds tingling!


We can cater for any event!

Office lunches,

garden parties,

car shows,

Festivals, Weddings.

if there's space for the big rig

count us in!


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